Bruce´s Biography

Artist, Muralist and Sculptor from the beautiful island of Bermuda. During his professional art career of 26 years there, he built up an international patronage desiring his unique self-taught style of realism landscape painting. There have been countless commissions of private estates and prominent Bermudian scenes which are being displayed in private homes and restaurants. One of his murals is located in the Bermuda Airport's arrival hall.

The Art of Bruce Stuart is published in 2 books along with a variety of prints and note cards. He has painted over 3000 works of art and has been in over 150 exhibitions during that time. He was president of the Bermuda Society of Arts for 3 years (1999-2001) and on the Board of Trustees for Masterworks Foundation for 6 years (1986-1992).

Bruce first came to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 1996 and fell in love with this mexican town and all the artistic possibilities. He became a regular at the Instituto Allende for doing bronce sculptures. After visiting 20 times in 10 years he moved to San Miguel de Allende in May 2006 with his wife Claudia.

The mexican colors, traditions and flavors have been a strong influence on his latest work. During the last six years he has worked tirelessly on developing new series of way out wacky stuff as well as his traditional work, fusing to fit his theory of Pop Culture Folk Art. Which is a fusion of our cultures both modern and past. In micing them together a new way of thinking gets sparked in the viewers understanding. The definition of micing is when you daydream on a deeper level.

I want you to get my work! he says. Art is about educating, Artists must be educators teaching the people to what your art is about. Painting is my life!!! It's a devotional prayer time. Discovering my nature of being reborn in the image of the creator. It is said that at the end of each day of creation God laughed. With my work I want you to laugh with it because it is filled with joy or as the mexicans say "Feliz"! Painting fulfills my purpose of trying to imitate my maker by being a creator. Quote: When you make up stuff, you are the master of your own universe!

Bruce's exploration has taken him into creating new universes of ideas. He says: My aim is to bring to you through my work a sense of peace, healing and reflection of remembering on a subconscious level that you can rest in my blue. While exploring these new styles he will always love the magic of a realism painting coming to life right before his eyes. He also enjoys passing on his knowlegde through talking about his art and encouraging new students on their journey.


Come and take a workshop in his magical wonderland house. All colors welcome!!!